Beautiful spaces provide more than an oasis from the outside world. they give us downtime in our over-scheduled lives. its where friends and family relax and share meaningful conversations. its where cherished memories are formed.

Kahli ritchie, owner and creator of Verandah retreat.


Phillip Island holds a special place in my heart. My fondest childhood memories are of gatherings with family, friends and fabulous food; strolling pristine sandy beaches; navigating the tea tree and cypress trees that filter throughout the island. Today, Phillip Island remains our place to treasure time spent with people we love. Sitting beside a roaring wood fire, relaxing with a glass of wine and a good book, or enjoying my morning coffee curled up in my favourite cane chair. These things are part of my island ritual and a reflection of what is important to me. I created Verandah Retreat so my guests can rediscover what’s important to them too. This busy life doesn’t leave much room for downtime - let’s make what little of it we have truly special.


Relax. you're on island time.

Many a visitor to Phillip Island says the act of driving across the bridge is symbolic. The everyday stress and hustle of suburban life is left behind in exchange for some ocean air and much-needed R&R.

When the demands of work and family life leave little time for ourselves, quality time with people we love can feel like a luxury too. Verandah Retreat is a space where you can rediscover life’s simple pleasures, relearn to how to be truly present, and reconnect with the people we love. It’s about slowing down, living in the moment and feeling oh-so-cozy.

Verandah retreat is about slowing down, being present, enjoying the moment, and feeling cozy. finding moments of contentment while doing the simplest things. living in the present with the people you love.

The linen sheets on the beds are ready for you to curl up in. You’ll find thick cotton towels for those tired feet after a long, lazy beach walk. Why not order a grazing board and take all afternoon to enjoy it? The firewood, wine and coffee are well stocked, and you’ll find your favourite classic movies here too.  You may even find the spirit to bring out the playing cards and instigate some healthy banter with the children or teenagers! Beyond the doors of Verandah Retreat there’s so much to discover – although my guests often tell me they loved their home-away-from-home so much they saved exploring the island for their next visit.

Whatever you need, Be our guest, and stay as long as you like.